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Sarah Painter Hayes

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Artist Statement

Mural-making and painting are central to my artistic practice, both from a socially conscious perspective. I have a deep admiration for portraiture and its intrinsic qualities; the ability to capture not just the likeness, but the essence, of a person through painting is deeply inspiring. My Florida Girl series aims to showcase the often forgotten natural beauty and unique biodiversity of Florida through a feminist perspective. Inspired by my childhood spent growing up in Tallahassee, I paint young girls standing as protectors of Floridian inhabitants, amidst a wide-range of Florida’s natural environments. I position these figures to create a Madonna and Child motif, and implement a gold leaf frame to encourage this iconographic style. My work is principally informed by Kehinde Wiley, Helen Bur, Norman Rockwell, and Frida Kahlo, whose works resonate with themes of identity, environment, and societal reflection. I strive to present a narrative through painting that is both intimate and universal, personal yet profoundly collective. I want my work to empower young girls while also sharing how special the natural side of Florida is.

Email for a price sheet of available works. All original artworks come with a certificate of authenticity.

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