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Model for Us

Would you like to see yourself painted in a mural?

Painter Hayes is seeking models!

If you are interested, please complete the Photo Submission Form below.

Ideal Photos:

  • High-resolution

  • Intentional/adequate lighting

  • Feature model close-up and in focus

  • Embrace diversity

Please Note:

  • Not all photos submitted are guaranteed to be used in our paintings, but Painter Hayes will notify you if your photo has been selected

  • If selected, the model will be given overview of the mural concept and can decide if they want to be featured

  • If selected, model will not be allowed creative decision-making regarding the design or painting

  • Models/photographers will be given credit when shared on social channels

  • All skin tones, body-types, genders, ages, etc. are welcome

Photo Submission Form

Upload Images

Thanks for submitting!

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