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Cosby Painter Hayes

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Artist Statement

My work seeks to unravel the layers of kitsch aesthetics embedded in Florida's visual identity, tracing its roots to the advent of tourism facilitated by personal mobility. The tourist’s penchant for collecting souvenirs and trinkets becomes a metaphor for the individual's desire to possess and recreate their version of paradise within the challenging climate of swamps and relentless heat. Through a lens of satire and celebration, I aim to reflect on the irony of crafting a personal oasis in a region known for its natural adversities. In a world saturated with simulated experiences, these works seek the essence of Floridian kitsch. It is a commentary on the human inclination to mold environments, both physical and symbolic, into personalized havens—a cultural phenomenon as pervasive today as it was when the first tourists set out on their Floridian 'adventures'.

Email for a price sheet of available works. All original artworks come with a certificate of authenticity.

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